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The Virendra Public School provides excellent education and a curriculum that prepares its pupils for the international world. Below, you can read about three important areas of focus that we incorporate in the education we offer:

  • Education in the English language
  • International dimension
  • Individual attention

Education in the English language

Virendra Public School provides complete English language education, in addition to which children receive Hindi lessons every day.

Better results

Research shows that retaining one’s native language has positive cognitive implications for the development of multilingualism and leads to better educational results.

Prepares children for secondary education

Many schools teach English for a few hours each week, but this is in no way equivalent to the English Language education provided by Virendra Public School. If our pupils go to any other part of the world, they will have no problem entering primary or secondary education.

International dimension

Pupils at our school grow up in an international environment. Many have already lived in various locations around the world and contribute a wealth of international experience.

21st century skills

At Virendra Public School pupils are prepared for an ever more swiftly changing world. We train them to develop the social and communication skills required for this, and help them to grow up to become citizens of the world  ̶  no matter where they live.

International Curriculum.

This type of education works with interesting and inspiring themes. These themes incorporate the subjects of history, geography, nature, technology, IT and visual art and focus on internationalization. 

Individual attention

Virendra Public School’ helps children to integrate quickly. Everyone knows each other by name and everyone is really ‘seen’.

Differentiation according to level

Virendra Public School’s dedicated team teaches children according to their personal requirements. Your child will be seen as an individual, and will receive lessons that are specially adapted to his or her educational needs. Our modern teaching methods are provided at different levels so that children can master a subject at the pace that suits them best.

If a child is capable of more, they are given extra challenges; but if a child needs more time or attention to master the learning material, they will receive extra time and instruction. This keeps children motivated and stimulates the development of their talents.

The world is the great gymnasium where we come to make ourselves strong. "Swami Vivekananda"