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  1. The working day commences with the morning assembly at 7:30 a.m. in summer and 8:30 am. in winter All pupils must be present for the morning assembly.

  2. Every pupil must wish the teachers as he meets them first time in the day.

  3. When a teacher or visitor enter or leaves the classroom, the pupils must rise as a mark of respect.

  4. Pupils should not leave the class-rooms without permission of the teacher or until the class is over.

  5. Pupils should move to class-rooms in silence and in a line.

  6. Teachers will ensure that pupils maintain order and the environment in the class is conducive to the serious and undisturbed work.

  7. During the absence of a teacher from the class, pupils will obey the monitor who will maintain order.

  8. Books and articles of clothing should have a tag bearing the name of pupil.

  9. Pupils must bring books as per the class time-table only.

  10. Un-Prescribed books, periodicals or papers of an objectionable nature should not be brought into the school.

  11. Students must play only in the areas designated for games and sports.

  12. Students must not run, or play, or make a noise inside the main school building.

  13. If a pupil finds money or items of property on the premises he should deposit these with the Class teachers/Principal.

  14. Students must not, without the Principal's permission, join a club or association or make any engagement likely to interfere with their studies.

  15. Students must not indulge in rude behavior and rowdyism, violence of any form, casteism or communalism.

  16. Students shall not leave the school premises during school hours, except on medical grounds or under exceptional circumstances without the written permission of the Principal.

  17. Stress is laid on personal health and hygiene. Students must co­-operate in keeping classrooms, corridors, compound, play field and other areas of the school, clean.

  18. The school may take students out for excursions, exhibitions, picnics, educational tours. This would help broaden their horizon, increase awareness, develop independence and team-spirit and make them appreciate the beauty and magnificence of nature.

  19. Irregular attendance disrupts the school life of a pupil and vitiates his attitude to life. Parents/Guardians are requested to ensure that their children are regular.

  20. Parents and Guardians are expected to show keen interest in their children's progress both in studies and extra-curricular activities and assist the school in maintaining discipline and a high moral tone.

  21. The parents are requested not to send any cheque by post in the name of the Principal or School.

  22. Parents and Guardians must read the school's rules carefully and ensure compliance.


  1. The School lays special emphasis on molding the character of the students and instilling into them good habits that should stay with them through life, These may include habits or regularity, punctuality, orderliness, neatness. They should pursue their students with singleness of purpose, Deviations are, looked at with disapproval and if they persist penalties may have to be imposed (ranging from fines to rustication and expulsion, The latter are imposed most reluctantly in the interest of the general body of students.)

  2. The school will promote discipline, co-operation, teamwork, good manners and pursuit of all round excellence.

  3. The school will impose a fine on a student for late attendance, shabby and incomplete uniform, absence from class without prior permissions, truancy, wilful damages to school property and delay in payment of fees.

  4. Students must come to school in their correct uniform, well groomed, neat and tidy, and their nails clipped and clean. Teachers and monitors will carry out regular checkup on these items.

  5. Students must take care of school property. Any damage done to school property must be made good.

  6. The Principal will take strict disciplinary action against a pupil who is found loitering outside the school premises during school hours.

  7. Use of mobile phones is totally banned in the school. Carrying mobile phones is a punishable act. Disciplinary action that may lead to suspension or rustication may be taken against students with mobile phones.

  8. Students will observe rules of discipline and company with the norms of good behavior. In the events of serious breach of discipline, the student may be expelled from the school.

  9. It is compulsory for students to complete 80% attendance. If short the student will not be eligible for any academic prize.


  1. Applications for leave should be purpose-specific. Vague applications will not be entertained.

  2. When a pupil has been absent from school he must produce a leave note, and the section for leave in the school almanac should be completed and signed by parents/guardians, This will be countersigned by the class teacher. In the absence of these formalities the pupil will not be allowed to enter the class room and will be marked as absent.

  3. A student suffering from anyone of the following diseases must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to the school.

    • Chicken pox-till complete falling off of scabs.

    • Cholera- till the children are completely well.

    • Measles - after the rashes disappear.

    • Mumps - until the swelling has completely gone.

    • Whooping cough - six weeks.

    • Jaundice-six weeks.

  4. A pupil who is not present in the school during Unit test and Examinations and on the days of closing and reopening after vacations will be penalized. In case of illness, the school must be notified and a medical certificate submitted subsequently.


  1. Courtesy is the hall mark of being civilized. We trust that it will be reflected invariably in the manners of our students. It should be evident when they deal and converse with each other.

  2. Tolerance and adjustment and care for others should mark the student's conduct.

  3. We should aim to be true representatives of a pluralistic and democratic society where complete communal harmony should prevail. We should learn to respect ideology and views different from our own.

  4. We should develop a rational attitude and a healthy inquisitiveness.

  5. The school environment consciousness and care have been repeatedly recognized by authorities. The students should strive to maintain and improve upon this reputation.

  6. Cleanliness being next to godliness and being a pillar of faith, the students should strive to keep the Campus and the class rooms immaculately clean, 'Any Piece of paper you come across should be picked up and put in the refuse bin.

  7. Our students should strive towards making the school one of the cleanest and greenest campuses in town and towards creating an environment conducive to care, courtesy and cleanliness of which every student should be proud.


Classes I to III:

                The subjects are English, Mathematics and EVS.

                Besides the above subjects, Hindi, Computer Science, Music,

                Art & Craft, Physical Education and various co-curricular activities are taught.

Classes IV to VIII:

                English, Hindi, Mathematics, Sanskrit, General-Science,

          Social Science, Drawing & Painting, Work-Education,

               Computer Science, Physical Education, Life skills,

               Environmental studies.


  1. The Principal reserves the right to refuse admission to any candidate without giving any reason.

  2. A Transfer Certificate from the last school must be submitted before a pupil can be admitted. Out station candidates must get the T.C. attested by the Directorate of Education of the area.

  3. All admissions are subject to an Entrance Test and an interview. The admission is not complete until the Principal gives her approval by signing the admission form and the prescribed fee for admission is paid.

  4. Those who are already studying in the school and wish to withdraw must give one month's notice; otherwise, one month's fee (including transport) will be charged in addition to the fee of the quarter.

  5. The Principal may ask a pupil to withdraw if he fails for two consecutive years in the same class.

  6. Students withdrawn or expelled from the school or hostel on disciplinary grounds may not be readmitted.

The world is the great gymnasium where we come to make ourselves strong. "Swami Vivekananda"